In English

Nötallergikernas vänner is a Swedish association for people who want to claim the right to good health for nut allergy and peanut allergy sufferers. The name means ”Friends of the nut allergy sufferers” in Swedish.

Nötallergikernas vänner wants to:
• spread knowledge about nut and peanut allergy
• work for nut and peanut allergy to become less a social obstacle in society
• work for the establishment of more nut and peanut free places

Nötallergikernas vänner started as a Facebook group in June 2012 and was followed by this website in January 2013. Founder of the project is Patrik Pettersson, who has got to see his partner choke almost to death by nuts on airplanes and in cinemas.

No money is involved in this project (except the cost for the domain and web hosting paid by the founder). The project is entirely non-profit and everyone is welcome to contribute with commitment in whatever measure and form.

Nötallergikernas vänner consists of:
The website
The Facebook group Nötallergikernas vänner
The Twitter account @nonutsweden

I’m the one who runs the project:
Patrik Pettersson
[email protected]
+46 709 92 31 42